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Cuyahoga County Ohio Radon Mitigation, Radon Testing & Radon System Servicing

Providing Radon Remediation and Radon Testing Throughout Cuyahoga County Ohio

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Why Northeast Ohio Radon Solutions for your Radon Mitigation and Radon Testing Needs in Cuyahoga County?

We know that the radon mitigation process can be a bit confusing to some so that’s why we always take the time to explain exactly what we are doing upfront and why. Knowing Parma Ohio helps us to develop a customized radon mitigation plan for your home or office. We service all of Cuyahoga County and the surrounding areas,

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Cuyahoga County Radon Mitigation Services

5 Facts About Radon Gas, Radon Mitigation and Radon Remediation:

  1. Breathing Radon Gas Can Cause Lung Cancer. A proper Radon Mitigation System is the only way to reduce your risk of Lung Cancer

  2. Radon Gas is the Second Leading Cause of Lung Cancer in the United States among Smokers and the First leading cause of Lung Cancer among Non-Smokers. Radon Reduction Systems have proven to reduce the risk of lung cancer. 

  3. Ohio has the 4th Highest Radon Gas Average in the United States. Cuyahoga County and the surround areas are all located with the Red and Orange Levels which indicates the average radon levels are above the EPA standard of 4 PCI, this is after having a Radon Test Complete. 

  4. Radon Gas does not have a smell. The only way to know your levels is to have a radon test complete &, if necessary, have a radon remediation system installed.

  5. Radon Gas levels change over time. Radon Testing every two years is recommended.  Even after a proper Radon Reduction System (Radon Mitigation or Radon Remediation) it is advised to have a Radon Test every few years. 

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Cuyahoga County Radon Fan Replacement and Radon System Servicing

Radon System Repair

Complete Radon services all systems, even those that we did not install. Our highly trained technicians can perform fan replacement, repairs, re-caulking a sump cover, removal of a system for re-siding, or installing or activating a passive system.

Radon Fan Fact:

Most Radon Fans will last between 7 and 10 years. When Radon Gas Fans begin to show their age, they will begin to become louder and louder. When this happens it is time to have your system inspected and serviced. 

Radon Fan Gauge:

There is a gauge on your system that measures suction. It is usually located near the main suction point and should be uneven. If the levels are even, the system is not properly function and should be serviced. 

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