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About Northeast Ohio Radon Solutions 

Our Radon Specialist

Certified and Licensed Radon Specialist

Owner and Radon Specialist - RS544

My wife and I have lived in Brunswick since 2008 and are lifelong Northeast Ohio Residents. Growing up in Northeast Ohio truly gave us both an appreciation for hard work and determination. These are a few of the guiding principles we have instilled within our two girls.

During my career, I have held many different positions; each of those have provided a level of satisfaction, but nothing compared to helping someone realize their dream of a safe and healthy home.  I am very passionate about home inspections, radon testing, mold inspections and air quality, as I know the importance of providing a safe and comfortable home for my family. Our first family home had high levels of radon and unfortunately we didn't realize this until we were moving out. Knowing health risks of radon and potentially unsafe living conditions has inspired us to open our business.

Our Top Priority is ensuring the Safety and Comfort of your next home or property!

We are Members of the Medina County Board of Realtors!

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AARST Member
IAC2 & Ohio Certified Radon Specialost
Ohio Licencsed and InterNachi Certified Radon Tester

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